Frequently Asked Questions

KidGenius is a web app designed to help connect child care providers and parents. Child care operators can keep track of things like naps, activities, meals and more. Staff can record notes and make requests of parents. They can even take photos and share them instantly with parents.

No, centres and staff can choose what they would like to use from the list of KidGenius features. For example, if you don't want to use KidGenius to keep track of meals, you don't need to. It's totally up to you!

Of course - our attendance feature is awesome. You can sign kids in and out of the site or even programs. You can also keep track of who dropped the kid off or who picked them up. Staff can pull attendance reports at all time.

Of course - we made the site with everyone in mind. We made it easy to use but just in case we publish How-To videos on our YouTube channel.

No. We hate having to sign contracts for software. So we didn't make that a part of KidGenius. You can cancel at anytime, we just ask for 30 days notice.

Certainly, you can use the export buttons found throughout the app to download the data. You can also email us and we can help you out.

It does depend on how large of an operation you are running, but we will help you get set up. You can enter your child data yourself, or we can do a bulk upload for you using a simple spreadsheet.

Our plans allow you to store unlimited daily activities (naps, meals, activities, etc.)!

We allow unlimited photo sharing between yourself and the parents, and will automatically set up links in your daily emails to photos of interest! We will keep your photos on file for a minimum 30 days after you take them.